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We offer a full line of Howard Miller, Ridgeway, Bulova and Hermle wall, mantel, grandfather clocks!!!!
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Welcome to Big Ben Clock Gallery,one of the largest on-line clock distributors.
We are your single source for Grandfather, wall, mantel, cuckoo, anniversary and table clocks as well as curio and collectors cabinets.

We hope that our variety of time pieces will meet your highest expectations for both quality and affordability.

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Understandably we were not able to include every clock on our site (there are actually thousands of them). In case you are looking for a specific model, manufacturer or style and don't see it, just contact us .

We will be glad to help you!

Our online order system is easy to use and 100% secure. However if you'd rather place an order with one of our sales representatives, you can call us toll free at 1-877-511-1131 (M-F: 10-7 PM EST), click on "Chat with us" (when online) or email us at sales@bigbenclocks.com

We named our company by the most famous clock in the world.

Big Ben is the nickname of the great bell inside the clock tower at the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London, England.
Many, including us, often refer to entire clock tower when speaking of Big Ben.
Tower is the largest four-faced chiming clock and the third-tallest free-standing clock tower in the world.

The tower is 315.9 ft (96m) high, and is roughly 16 stories. the clock is positioned at 55m above the ground.

The bottom 61 meters (200 ft) of the Clock Tower's structure consists of brickwork with sand colored Anston limestone cladding. The remainder of the tower's height is a framed spire of cast iron.
The tower is founded on a 15-metre (49 ft) square raft, made of 3-metre (9.8 ft) thick concrete, at a depth of 4 meters (13 ft) below ground level.

The interior volume of the tower is 4,650 cubic meters (164,200 cubic feet).

The four clock dials are 55 meters (180 ft) above ground.

The clock and dials were designed by Augustus Pugin. The clock dials are set in an iron frame 7 meters (23 ft) in diameter
, supporting 312 pieces of opal glass, rather like a stained-glass window. Some of the glass pieces may be removed for inspection of the hands.
The surround of the dials is gilded. At the base of each clock dial in gilt letters is the Latin inscription:
Which means O Lord, keep safe our Queen Victoria the First.

The length of hands are 2.7
(9 ft)and 4.3 m(14 ft).

The bell of 'Big Ben' weighs 14.5 tonnes. It is the huge size of the bell that inspired Benjamin Hall to give it the name of Big Ben.

The clock's movement is famous for its reliability. The designers were the lawyer and amateur horologist Edmund Beckett Denison, and George Airy, the Astronomer Royal. Construction was entrusted to clockmaker Edward John Dent; after his death in 1853 his stepson Frederick Dent completed the work, in 1854. The pendulum is installed within an enclosed windproof box sunk beneath the clockroom. It is 3.9m long, weighs 300 kg and beats every 2 seconds. The clockwork mechanism in a room below weighs 5 tons. On top of the pendulum is a small stack of old penny coins; these are to adjust the time of the clock. Adding a coin has the effect of minutely lifting the position of the pendulum's centre of mass, reducing the effective length of the pendulum rod and hence increasing the rate at which the pendulum swings. Adding or removing a penny will change the clock's speed by 0.4 seconds per day.

Every 2 days the mechanism undergoes thorough inspection and lubrication.

Despite being one of the world's most famous tourist attractions, the interior of the tower is not open to overseas visitors, though United Kingdom residents are able to arrange tours (well in advance) through their Member of Parliament.[9] However, the tower has no lift, so those escorted must climb the 334 limestone stairs to the top.

On 10 May 1941, a German bombing raid damaged two of the clock's dials and sections of the tower's stepped roof and destroyed the House of Commons chamber. Architect Sir Giles Gilbert Scott designed a new five-floor block. Two floors are occupied by the current chamber which was used for the first time on 26 October 1950. Despite the heavy bombing the clock ran accurately and chimed throughout the Blitz.

Big Ben celebrated its 150th anniversary in May 2009.

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