January 27th, 2017:
We offer a full line of Howard Miller, Ridgeway, Bulova and Hermle wall, mantel, grandfather clocks!!!!
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Howard Miller weather instrument 625-249 Shore Station

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    • Anton Schneider Cuckoo Clocks
      Anton Schneider began producing cuckoo clocks in 1848 in his farmhouse in Schonach. The business is now in the 6th generation and has been producing high value cuckoo clocks at its current location since 1952. In the years between 1952 an 1985 the modern factory building was extended in 7 periods of buildung. Our clock factory is today among the most modern and largest cuckoo clock factories in the Black Forest. Inspite of this, the old tradition of doing valuable carving work by hand has been maintained and in the last few years even greatly improved. This required intensive training of young woodcarvers under our direction. A love of detail combined with ancient handicraft skills are today the characteristics of the new generation of high-value cuckoo clocks. Thanks to our highly skilled workers in the carpentry shop, the woodcarving shop and in the clock assembly shops, as well as an extremely exact final inspection, it is possible for us to offer our customers worldwide a truly full guarantee. Our company employs highly qualified workers, most of whom have worked for us for the last 20 to 40 years. Every worker is specialised in the quality production of high value cuckoo clocks. This is emphasised by our leading position in the production of cuckoo clocks with music and dancing figurines as well as those with moving scenes and handcarved figurines. The sales program contains more than 300 cuckoo clock models from 19 cm to 300 cm and in 9 different color tones.
    • Bulova Watch Corporation
      Bulova's award-winning collection of classic and contemporary clocks is produced with strict adherence to Bulova's quality standards, unmatched artistry, and technological excellence. Traditional Country Casual Contemporary Executive Maritime Frank Lloyd Wright® Smithsonian® Pfaltzgraff® A clockmaking pioneer, as producer of the world's first clock radio in1928, Bulova maintains its creative edge in the clock industry with an award-winning collection of classic and contemporary models in fine woods, metals, crystal, and porcelain. Bulova timepieces use only the finest material, precision craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology for enduring quality and performance. Bulova`s Miniature Collectible Clocks are small works of art that combine the skill of fine hand craftsmanship with the quality and technology of our reliable quartz timepieces. Built to endure, whatever the challenge, Harley-Davidson® Timepieces by Bulova reflect the uncompromising pursuit of excellence of two of America`s most honored companies. Caravelle is today`s lifestyle brand, offering a wide range of styles to fit all the varied roles of today`s busy consumer including tailored career, classically traditional, stylish fashion, and contemporary sport watches. Designed in America and handcrafted in Switzerland, each Accutron features solid stainless steel construction and a sapphire crystal to ensure water resistance to a minimum of 30 meters. From the rugged yet sophisticated Marine Star collection to our newest crown jewel, the Millennia line, Bulova watches provide an exceptional mix of artistry and technological excellence. For more than 120 years - from the moment 23-year-old-Czech immigrant Joseph Bulova set up shop in New York City in 1875 - the name Bulova has symbolized a uniquely American blend of old-world craftsmanship and new-world innovation. Bulova has even been to the moon - courtesy of its breakthrough Accutron time mechanism, an integral feature of NASA technology from the late '50s through the first moon walk in 1969. Today, one of the world's most recognized brands, and still wholly U.S. owned and operated, Bulova is dedicated to upholding its legacy of creativity and excellence, forging new directions in a classic American tradition.
    • Colibri
      The Colibri Group is a diversified company that produces exceptional products branded with eight of the most recognized and trusted names throughout the industry. Colibri, by way of its continued growth, has established itself as a worldwide manufacturer and distributor
    • Hermle Clock movements
      Time never comes to a standstill, that is its nature. And time has become valuable. Time has always been "made" and interpreted by mankind. When people started to observe "time" they focused on sunrise and sunset only. In the High Middle Ages they started to develop ever more sophisticated methods of measuring time. In today's world we feel the urge to save time. We are obsessed by the need to win time. Our desire for the peace of our personal time can be satisfied by the elegance of exclusive clocks. The family business of Franz Hermle & Sohn was founded in 1922 and has its headquarters in Gosheim in the Swabian Jura, Southern Germany. Franz Hermle & Sohn is the largest producer world- wide of mechanical table clocks, hall clocks and wall clocks and market leader in the manu- facturing of mechanical clock- works. Our product range comprises more than 65 basic clockworks of most varied designs. Hermle products stand for German technology. They are manufactured by approximately 500 employees at three German manufacturing sites. Further- more, Franz Hermle & Sohn has subsidiaries in the United States. Hermle Black Forest Clocks Amherst, Virginia was founded in 1977. Traditional craftsmanship combined with state-of-the-art manufacturing methods safeguard the future of our company and warrant customer satisfaction in more than 80 countries around the world.
    • How Pendulum Clocks Work
      Pendulum clocks have been used to keep time since 1656, and they have not changed dramatically since then. Pendulum clocks were the first clocks made to have any sort of accuracy. When you look at a pendulum clock from the outside, you notice several different parts that are important to the mechanism of all pendulum clocks:
    • Howard Miller Clock Company
      Howard Miller Clock Company At the Howard Miller Company we're not impressed to know that we're the world's largest maker of floor clocks. Our goal is to be the best! To that end, we invite you to inspect our craftsmanship with your eyes, with your ears, and with your hands. The hand applied finish on every cabinet is an incomparable sensory delight. Each cabinet is completely sanded by hand, not once, but twice, during finishing. To touch it is to feel the quality of the finish. Listen to the chimes. They are the sounds that turn a house into a home with the warmth of their resonance. With your eyes enjoy the visual appeal of our Grandfather Clocks, whether it be the richness of solid brass, the elegance of rare burls, the reflection of beveled glass, or the interest of meticulous carving. Howard Miller clocks are built to be enjoyed not only by you, but your children and your children's children. Grandfather and grandmother clock collections: Broadmour Collection Curio Floor Clocks Furniture Trend Designs Limited Edition Presidential & Ambassador Collection Traditional Collection Mantel clock collections: Anniversary Clocks Key Wound Mantel Clocks Quartz Mantel Clocks Wall clock collections: Accuwave DST Collection Gallery Wall Clocks Key Wound Wall Clocks Musical Clocks Quartz Wall Clocks Collector cabinets ( Curio cabinets ) : Corner Collectors Cabinets Eight Shelf Collectors Cabinets Furniture Trend Designs Traditional Collectors Cabinets Village Collectors Cabinets Wall Collectors Cabinets
    • Kieninger Clock Co.
      In the year 2002 the Kieninger Clock Factory is celebrating its 90th anniversary. The Kieninger was founded in 1912 in the Black Forest by Joseph Kieninger and therefore is the oldest existing manufacturer of mechanical clock movements for grandfather-, wall- and mantel clocks in the world. Since 1917 the Company has been located in Aldingen, a charming village just between Black Forest and 'Schwäbische Alb'. Today, the Company occupies 45,000 square foot manufacturing facility, newly constructed in 1991 and employs about 100 dedicated and highly skilled workers and staff. In 1993, Kieninger became part of the Howard Miller Group (USA), the largest manufacturer of grandfather clocks in the world. From its very first beginning Kieninger has stayed with its traditional concept: The manufacture of technically advanced, high quality mechanical movements and clocks. This has proved successful and it is no surprise, that today Kieninger is known around the world for its craftmanship and only the highest quality products. The Kieninger clocks are counted among the classics of the industry and some have been or are even shown in famous clock museums. Kieninger clocks and movements offer a multitude of partially patented technical innovations and clockmaking specialities: Graham ancor escapement or swiss escapement Pinions finished in a special roller burnishing process (Kieninger development) Automatic beat adjustment (Kieninger patent) Automatic night shut-off features (Kieninger patent) for strike and chimes correct second indication for short pendulums (Kieninger patent) Maintaining power, providing continuous power while the movement is wound Special winding stops, limiting the drop and winding range of the weights Automatic chime sequenzing (Kieninger patent) for triple chime movements Melodies "Westminster" - "Vogelfänger / birdhunter" - "Freude schöner Götterfunke / Ode to Joy" (Kieninger development) With our selected line of fine mechanical grandfather-, wall- and mantel clocks, the trend-setting "Quarzline" and attractive table top clocks we offer unique and individually designed clocks of the highest quality in our clock line for 2002 / 2003. You are kindly invited to experience the anniversary collection of our masterpieces of German clock craft.
    • Seiko Clock Co.
      Ever since being established in 1881, SEIKO has contributed to society with one revolutionary product after another - initiating the production of wristwatches within Japan in 1913, and the world's first Quartz watch in 1969. While our focus is on watches and clocks, our operations cover many diverse fields, including camera components, other precision instruments, eyeglasses, jewelry, as well as sports and toiletry products. We have been the official timekeeper at many international sporting events ever since the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games and it has been a privilege to share moments of tremendous excitement with athletes worldwide. Seiko is committed to offering attractive new products and services to our customers around
    • Telep
      Wall Clocks mantel Clocks Forestville
      At 9'-0" diameter, 7'-6" high, and weighing in at 13 tons 10 cwts 3 qtrs 15lbs (13,760 Kg), the hour bell of the Great Clock of Westminster - known worldwide as 'Big Ben' - is the most famous bell ever cast at Whitechapel. This picture, painted by William T. Kimber, the head moulder responsible for casting the bell, shows George Mears with his wife and daughter inspecting the casting prior to despatch. Big Ben was cast on Saturday 10th April 1858, but its story begins more than a decade earlier....
    • U.S. Population Clock
      According to the U.S. Bureau of the Census, the resident population of the United States, projected to **/**/2003 at 5:51:56 PM EST is :********** One birth every.................................. 8 seconds One death every.................................. 11 seconds One international migrant (net) every............ 22 seconds Net gain of one person every..................... 13 seconds


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