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We offer a full line of Howard Miller, Ridgeway, Bulova and Hermle wall, mantel, grandfather clocks!!!!
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How should I care for my clock?
How should I care for my clock? If you own a Sligh clock with mechanical movement, we recommend calling a qualified clock technician to add fresh clock oil to your clock's moving parts every two to three years. Like a car, keeping your clock oiled helps prevent that metal-on-metal parts wear. A qualified clock technician will use special clock oil, available at most fine clock shops. Every 10 to 15 years, contact your clock service center to schedule an appointment for cleaning and oiling. Here are a few additional tips to help your clock keep good time: Winding your clock - Each week, wind your clock by raising the weights. To do this, insert the winding crank in each of the holes in the dial. Turn the crank, winding carefully so the weights do not sway. Be careful to avoid touching the brass weights and dial as you wind the clock. Adjusting your clock's tempo - If your clock has a pendulum, you can fine-tune its tempo for proper timekeeping by adjusting the regulating nut underneath the pendulum bob. Raise or lower it to raise or lower the bob. The higher the pendulum bob, the faster the clock will run. Leveling your clock - Try to avoid placing your clock in direct sunlight, as well as locations in front of or below a heating or air conditioning vent. Also steer clear of heavy traffic, play areas and other places with too much motion or vibration. Your clock needs a level, stable foundation to ensure a smooth pendulum swing. Make sure your floor clock is sitting square and firm on the floor. Twist the leveling feet under the base to raise or lower each corner of the clock until it is level. Hang a wall clock on a stud with a solid mounting device to anchor it. Cleaning your clock - Treat the finish of your clock like you would any other fine furniture. According to Bob Engels, head of Sligh's clock customer service, "Dust the case with a soft, lint-free cloth such as cotton, flannel, terrycloth or cheese-cloth." Sligh recommends using a combination of cleaner and polish on a regular basis to maintain the clock's luster and provide adequate cleaning. To clean the glass part of the case, spray window-cleaner on a rag; then clean. "Don't spray it at the glass," says Bob. "You might cause damage by getting overspray on the brass parts or wood finish." Source : www.sligh.com


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