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Instructions for Hermle battery operated wall and mantel clocks

Wall clock models:

Unlock pendulum holder from its shipping position by gently sliding the pendulum out of its holder and to the right until it hangs freely.
Remove protective cover from pendulum bob and carefully place pendulum on hanger.


Insert fresh 1.5 V DC batteries (type "C" LR14-AM2) according to the +/- symbols. Alkaline type batteries should be used.  Change batteries once a year.  This will ensure accurate time keeping and a consistent chime sound for your enjoyment.

Low battery warning feature:

If your clock starts chiming erratically, or (if equipped) the pendulum stops, it is your notice to replace the current batteries with fresh ones.

Time setting:

Set time by advancing the minute hand (NEVER hour hand) or use hand setting knob at rear of movement clockwise or counter-clockwise to the correct time.  The correct chiming will start at the next full hour.  In the interim, an unsynchronized chime may occur at the , , and hour setting.  This will correct itself at the next full hour.

The chime sequence at , and hour is electronically programmed and can not be demonstrated by moving the minute hand or the time set knob manually.

At the rear of the clock movement are three additional switches and one knob with the following functions:

Melody switch:

Switch with symbols OAW
O = shut off (chime and strike off)
A = Ava Maria chime 4/4 melody with full hour strike
W = Westminster chime 4/4 melody with full hour strike

Night shut-off and night reduction switch with symbols: , ,

= "Sun" position.  Clock will chime and strike during the full 24 hour period.
= "Moon" position.  The chime sound will reduce by half of the daytime volume for a period of 8 hours.  Use the same setting procedure as for "No Moon".
= "No Moon" position.  The clock will not chime for a period of 8 hours following the time you selected to start this function.
For example:  If you wish the chimes silent from 11 p.m. till 7 a.m. move the switch from the sun to the half moon position sometime between 10:45 and 11 p.m.  The chimes will automatically become silent each day from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m.

Volume Control:

Switch with symbols ,

By setting the switch to the position and the melody switch to W the clock will chime every 15 minutes and strike the time on the hour by playing the Westminster Melody first.

By setting the switch to position, the Westminster Melody will play, followed by the hour chime, on the hour only.

By setting the switch to the position and the melody switch to the A, the clock will only chime the Ava Maria melody every 15 minutes and strike the time on the hour.

By setting the switch on position and the melody switch to A the clock will only chime the Ava Maria at the full hour and strike the corresponding hour.

Mounting Wall Clock models:

Hang your wall clock vertically to the desired location.  If possible, your clock should be mounted on a wall stud.  Be sure that the clock will not shift on the wall when the door is opened.  Start the pendulum swinging by moving it approximately 1 inch (3 cm) to the left or right and releasing it.  Be sure the pendulum can swing freely.


Due to high accuracy and reliability of the quartz movement, adjustment to keep time is not necessary.


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